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Self Funding Employer Association

As the first national employer-based nonprofit trade association focused on self-funding insurance and workers compensation, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits that self-funding can bring to employers. We do this by offering transparency reports, education, certification and information that stimulates discussions and research in the field.

The association is intended to create a coalition of self funded and self-insured employers, with a focus on transparency in pricing for self funded plans including administrative fees, prescription drug fees (PBM fees), implementation and enrollment of self funding in the workplace.

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness of the benefits that self funding can bring to employers
  • To create transparency in Prescription Drug Management Fees (PBM Fees)
  • To create transparency in regard to administrative fees
  • To provide a source of unbiased information regarding legal and other national issues that would affect self funded employers.
  • To provide a reliable source of information, statistics and research data about self funding and workers compensation for employers
  • To conduct research and surveys in regard to self funded plans
  • To create a central point of private discussion for employers who have a self funding plan, and for those employers who are interested in implementing a self funded plan.

The Self Funding Employer Association is a nonprofit association headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

How is the Self Funding Employer Association Different?

The SFEA is the first and only non-profit association solely dedicated to employers. The SFEA's purposes and goals will be to meet the need of our members.

Why was the Self Funding Employer Association Formed?

The Self Funding Employer Association was created for the thousands of employers who self fund their plans, but have no trade association focused on employers where they can openly discuss issues surrounding self funding their benefits. Many employers from both the private and public sectors do not know where to turn to find out how to implement self funded plans and which companies are the best service providers; from TPA's, PBM's, Case Management and Disease Management Companies, PPO's and more. Many employers are also looking for innovative ways to educate and enroll their employees in their self funded plans and wish to be prepared for any upcoming national legislation that may affect them.

For more information on the Self Funding Employer Association please contact us through email at [email protected]